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Welcome to the Soccer Club of Guilford Parent and Player Pages

These pages will be a constant work in progress. We will try to keep the information fresh and relevant.

Please read the following if you read nothing else. The most common questions we get are:

1 How, Where and What User ID do I login to register?
1.1 - The clubs registration is this webiste you are on now
1.2 - Each Family will have ONE UserID and ONE Password for all registrations and payments.
1.2 - The User ID is the email address of the person who creates the family
1.3 - The User ID must be entered in all lower case letter to login.

2 How, Where and What User ID do I login each week to communicate with my player(s) team(s)
2.1 - As part of the suite of applications the club utilizes the "Team Connect" app
2.2 - This app can be accessed on a web browser here: Team Connect
2.3 - Each season, if you are a member of the "Family" on this site, you will receive an invitation to your player(s) Team Connect pages.
2.4 - If you are not a member of the "Family" on this webiste, then any member in Team Connect can invite any amount of other non-Family members to Team Connect.
2.5 - Each member in Team Connect has their own login. This login is theirs and not shared. This login can be used for all teams from season to season as long as the persons email does not change.

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