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          If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

          Guilford Soccerfest 2020


          Guilford Soccerfest


          Girls U10-U19 and Boys U10-U12

          Win with Delight, Lose with Grace, Love the Game!


          - Team Registration Ends Sat June 20th at 5:00 p.m.

          - Online Discounted Picnic Ticket Sales Ends Sat June 20th at midnight.

          - Sponsor and Family Ads Ends Sat June 6th at midnight.

          41st Annual Soccerfest will start Friday, June 26 and end Sunday, June 28, 2020

          (Teams playing under the lights on Friday night will be by team choice)

          Registration Info:

          • Team Registration Closes June June 20th at 5:00 p.m.

          Team Check In:

          • Check-in will be done by the Field Marshall prior to your first game of the tournament. Please arrive 30 minutes before game start.

          General Tournament Information:

          • Round Robin Format (where possible).
          • Four Games GUARANTEED!
          • Three Referee System for ALL games (except U10).
          • Beach Picnic on Long Island Sound on Saturday Night !!!
          • Sportsmanship Awards for All Divisions.
          • U10 Participation Awards for All Players.
          • Many Special Touches...Mobile App, Shade Tents, Ball Retrievers and More!

          General Tournament Inquiries: Click Here To EMail General Inquires

          Tournament Director(s): Click Here To EMail Soccerfest Tournament Directors

          Tournament Referee Coordinator: Click Here To EMail Soccerfest Referee Coordinators

          CJSA Stack or Not-Stack

          CJSA Clubs Utilizing Stack To Regiser Teams

          - You can register from your clubs ADMIN system just like District League and Cup

          - Or - If you wish to do so, you can use the button below to register and enter your Team Connect Code

          CJSA and Non-CJSA Clubs NOT Utilizing Stack To Register Teams

          Clubs not utilizing Stack to register teams can still register.

          1) Use the TEAM REGISTRATION button below
          2) On login pages you will need to create an account with us. Not needed if your club was using Stack but is needed so we have a record of you and can communicate with you. This is just like in the past League Athletics systems.
          3) Once past login you will see the playing categories and you should select what Category in which you wish to play.
          4) The next screen asks you to pick your club. If you are NOT using Stack to create and maintain teams DO NOT select your club. Rather you must pick "All Clubs NOT Using Stack in CJSA".
          5) Next Screen pick "My team is not listed......
          6) Follow all future screen instructions.

          Please Note: Clubs that chose to use Stack Team registration will be allowed to use the Stack Game Day Roster on the tournament games that are created. If your club is not utilizing Stack, you will need to do the traditional tournament rosters and passes etc...

          • TEAM REGISTRATION - Registration Ends The Saturday One Week Before The Tournament

            • PICNIC TICKETS - Please Note: Advance Sales of Picnic Tickets Ends The Saturday One Week BEFORE The Tournament.



                  If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

                  GUILFORD SOCCERFEST - P.O. Box 21 Guilford, CT 06437
                  June 26*, 27, 28 of 2020

                  Guilford Soccerfest and the Soccer Club of Guilford invite your team to participate in our 41st annual tournament in the beautiful shoreline town of Guilford, CT. The tournament is open to Girls U10 - U19, and Boys ages U10, U11, and U12.

                  We have always focused on offering a FUN yet competitive environment, and making sure our guests enjoy the spirit of the Guilford community. We are not the biggest tournament, but we do strive to be the best-organized tournament so that everyone can enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere while playing a high level of competition. What makes our tournament special? Consider:

                  • You are guaranteed at least FOUR ONE-HOUR GAMES in all divisions, using a round robin format, on some of the finest soccer fields in Connecticut.
                  • AWARDS for U11-U19 players to first and second place teams. U10 play is non-results oriented (All U10 players receive special participation awards).
                  • SPORTSMANSHIP AWARDS for one member of each team in every game for all divisions.
                  • A THREE-REFEREE system is used for EVERY MATCH at all ages except U10.
                  • A BEACH PICNIC at Jacob's Beach on Long Island Sound Saturday night. Enjoy burgers, dogs, chicken and sides as your team and their families relax at our picturesque beach park. We will have a DJ, Volleyball, Charity Raffle, and Soccerfest Merchandise along with other fun events. Picnic Tickets are $12 each if purchased by Midnight On Saturday One Week Before The Tournament. See Soccerfest Website for Picnic Ticket Ordering. Tickets will be $15 at the door and lines can be long.
                  • The COMPETITION IS EXCELLENT and geographically widespread. Past years have featured teams from Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Colorado, Hawaii and Canada.
                  • Mobile App to track results and standings, and Downloadable Schedules.
                  • Special touches include BALL RETRIEVERS on each sideline, SHADE TENTS for each team, beverages, food and a popular array of Guilford Soccerfest CLOTHING MEMORABILIA for sale.

                  Our community of over 22,000 boasts 1000+ youth soccer players and a long tradition of playing at a highly competitive level with strong teams. Come match your talents with ours and experience the Guilford spirit in a way you will never forget! APPLY PROMPTLY! We limit each age bracket to only 5 or 6 teams.

                  How To Apply: You can register your team by visiting the Guilford Soccerfest Website at The tournament fee is $525 for U11-U19 and $450 for U10, and payments can be made directly by Credit Card or ECheck. If you withdraw after your team is accepted, your fee is non-refundable.

                  Registration Contact(s):

                  Soccerfest All Information

                  : *Friday (night game by choice and coordinated with teams), Saturday and Sunday. All teams play four games, two matches each day. Games kick off from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Awards ceremony will be after the conclusion of play. :Location TBD

                  Team Eligibility: Soccerfest is sponsored by the Soccer Club of Guilford and sanctioned by the USYSA through the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association. Applications are invited from club and competitive teams from any USSF-affiliated organization. Appropriately competitive select and tournament teams will also be considered. Every effort will be made to balance competition! Up to three guest players are permitted.

                  An approved Application to Travel for non-Region 1 USYSA-affiliated teams (except teams from New Jersey) is required after notification of acceptance. For non-Connecticut teams not affiliated with the USYSA, their organization's normal paperwork regarding travel and rosters will be accepted. An insurance certificate with minimum liability limits of $1,000,000 and minimum excess player medical limits of $25,000 must be provided by all teams not affiliated with the USYSA. n addition, for ages U11 and older, each team must have verification of each player's age by means of an association card or player pass at registration and at each game. Coaches' cards are required for all teams and the names must be listed on the certified roster. All players, with the exception of three guest players, must be duly registered with their participating club. For Connecticut teams belonging to the CJSA, all players' names, including those of any guest players, must appear on a roster certified by the team's district or state organization. For non-Connecticut USYSA teams, their state's normal guest player paperwork will be accepted and must be certified by the participating team's parent organization.

                  Specific Soccerfest medical release is not needed. Teams are individually responsible to maintain medical release information per the USSF and affiliated organization standards. Teams must be prepared to provide if necessary in case of emergency.

                  Double Roster Players:

                  • U10 Players may roster on two teams, however scheduling accommodation requests will not be accepted, and there can be no guarantee both teams don't play each other.
                  • Players may roster on two teams provided they meet below requirements:
                    • Playing for a registered club within their state agency
                    • Playing in different age brackets
                    • Playing "up" in a higher age division.

                  A preliminary roster is REQUIRED with the application. The preliminary roster may be changed prior to registration as long as the new roster is certified.

                  Age Groups / Born in Year

                  10U 2009 7v7
                  11U 2008 9v9
                  12U 2007 9v9
                  13U 2006 11v11
                  14U 2005 11v11
                  15U 2004 11v11
                  16U 2003 11v11
                  17U 2002 11v11
                  18U 2001 11v11
                  19U 2000 11v11

                  Note: In the unlikely event that an age division has insufficient applications, divisions may be combined. All coaches will be notified as soon as possible if that becomes necessary.

                  Awards (Competition and Sportsmanship Winners): Awards are presented to all first and second place team members in U11-U19 divisions based upon the results of round robin play. All U10 players receive participation awards. Team sportsmanship awards are presented in each division.

                  Facilities: Fields are less than 10 minutes apart. Fields are large (examples: 70 yards wide for U16-U19) and well groomed. Each field has a shade tent for each team. A tournament field marshal with a cellular phone is present at all times.

                  Hotel Booking: Click Here for Hotel Booking.

                  Soccerfest Saturday Beach Picnic:

                  • A BEACH PICNIC at Jacob's Beach on Long Island Sound Saturday night.
                  • Enjoy burgers, dogs, chicken and sides as your team and their families relax at our picturesque beach park.
                  • We will have a DJ, Volleyball, Charity Raffle, and Soccerfest Merchandise along with other fun events.
                  • Picnic Tickets are $12 each (free to kids under 5) if purchased by Midnight On Saturday One Week Before The Tournament.
                  • See Soccerfest Website for Picnic Ticket Ordering.
                  • Tickets will be $15 at the door and lines can be long.
                  • Saturday from 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

                  Also Feel Free To Visit:




                  If you wish to be a sponsor or advertiser please see the below.

                  Please consider placing an advertisement in the Soccerfest program.

                  Guilford Soccerfest is an annual girl's tournament attended by approximately 50 teams, from both in and out of state. This is a not for profit tournament and depends on the support of local business. Soccerfest offers three $1000 scholarships to Guilford High School girls, and your sponsorship supports these local students. If your company would like to sell products or provide a service at the tournament as a corporate sponsor, please contact Lori Ballard at

                  There are several levels of support for your company to participate in this event.

                  • $500 Corporate Sponsorship
                    • a full page advertisement in the program - Size 5"wide x7.75" high
                    • coupons or additional marketing material added to the player bags
                    • banners displayed at the fields
                    • recognition on sponsor page of the program
                    • access to sell and solicit during the event
                  • $400 Back Cover - Size 5" wide x7.75" high
                  • $200 Full Page - Size 5"wide x7.75" high
                  • $125.00 Half Page - Size 5"wide x 3.75" high
                  • $75.00 Quarter Page - Size 2.5" wide x 3.75" high
                  • $50.00 Business Card - Size 2.5" wide x 1.75" high
                  • Donation Of A Full Gift Basket
                  • Donation Of Item(s) To A Gift Basket

                  Coming together as a soccer community is an important part of the tournament. All teams are invited to a picnic hosted at lovely Jacob's Beach on Saturday night of the tournament. We look forward to over 500 people in attendance. Donations to raffle baskets of goods and products is another way to show your support.

                  Thank you for your continued support!

                  The Soccerfest Committee​

                  Click Here To Complete Online Soccerfest Sponsor Advertiser Form - Pay By Credit Card, ECheck, Check


                  View & Download Soccerfest Sponsor Advertiser Form By Clicking Here


                  Tournament Reviews

                  You guys ran a great tournament. Thank you!

                  You and Debbie did a fantastic job this year. The improvements the Soccerfest team has listed are fantastic. They will go a long way in ensuring the tournament is fair and fun. Again well done! The tournament was great!

                  The Twin County Rebels had a great time!

                  Now that all has settled and our players are home safe and sound, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone involved in putting on the Guilford Soccerfest. Our girls, parents and grandparents who came to cheer had nothing but wonderful things to say about your tournament. Everyone from registration, water/Gatorade sales, shirt/sweatshirt sales, line refs, field refs, field marshals, etc. were so friendly and treated everyone in our party with the utmost respect. We have been coming to your tournament for 3 years now as well as other tournaments around CT. Guilford Soccerfest is by far the best Tournament we go to. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

                  Just want to complement you on the quality of the officiating at this year's Soccerfest in Guilford. Granted, I can only judge by what I saw in my daughter's/Valley's 4 U15 matches, but the referees were consistently the best I've seen. While there were plenty of calls that I wish went our way, I can't in good conscience claim that they should have gone our way. In fact, I can't think of a single critical situation where they got it wrong. Kudos.