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The Soccer Club Of Guilford, CT 06437

The Soccer Club Of Guilford, CT 06437

Soccer Club Of Guilford Registration Information, Rules and Guidelines

Payments for all registrations are due in full or in part based on the registration AT THE TIME OF registration. Any registration not paid in Full will be automatically deleted within 24 hours of registration. If you do not pay at the time of registration and your registration is deleted, an email will be sent to the email address on the profile of the person registering.

Any Registration that offers a payment over time can be paid in full at the time of registration. Simply change the amount due on the final payment screen to the full amount, click teh Recalculate button and the submit the transaction.

Refund Policy
Any and all refunds will have a $10 admin fee deducted for EACH refunded transaction. Please note that 100% of any registration fees are refundable prior to close of regular registration. Registration fees will be refunded at 50% between close of registration and the first practice of the season. No refunds will be made after the date of the first practice of the season. Any late fees incurred at the time of registration are non-refundable. No refunds will be given to Premier/Comp players for their deposit and first installment of a registration fee as it is used to hold a roster spot for your player. Exceptions to this policy (e.g., significant medical issue) may be requested in writing to the President of the Club. Please note that once the season has started, there will be no full refunds.

Is Financial Assistance Available?
Limited Assistance MAY be available. Assistance may be provided on a sliding scale to meet all requests. Financial Assistance will not be provided for late fees of late registrations. Income verification may need to be provided. Please only apply for what you need and not simply for the full amount of the registration.

After registering and requesting financial assistance, you must notify the SCOG Treasurer (
[email protected]) immediately or risk you registration being automatically deleted.


Refer-a-friend program & Incentive:
Refer a player who has never participated with the Soccer Club of Guilford IHR program previously
  -receive a $20.00 Rebate for next IHR season
  -no limits on referral and receiving Rebates (stackable)
  -Recreational Soccer (In-House Rec) is open to players from all towns

How Do I Pay My Family's Open Balance?

  • From club website at: www.GuilfordSoccer.Org
  • In the upper Right Corner, hover over your round profile picture and click on "Account"
  • From the "My Account" page in the Right Column, Look under the Open Balance Box and click View/Pay
  • On the subsequent screen you will be able to enter all you payment information.

Who Should Register As a Parent Volunteer? How Often? What else do I need to know?
All Commissioners, Coaches, All Assistant Coaches, And All Managers Whether Paid Or Not! All volunteers must register in this program each season. To volunteer in this program your birth date must be filled in on your personal profile before trying to register. Any volunteers not registering in this program will not be identified on the system in their assigned role as we use this program to assign the volunteer. Any player fee rebates must be applied for by contacting the SCOG Treasurer( [email protected]) or SCOG Web Administrator( [email protected])
. Rebates from prior seasons will not be given so apply early.

What Teams Need Parent Volunteers?
In-House Recreational Soccer Programs
All In-House Rec. (06U-10U) require a volunteer Head Coach and an Assistant Coach to organize each team's on-the-field activities.

Travel Recreational Soccer Programs
All Travel Rec. Teams (11U-14U) require a volunteer Head Coach and an Assistant Coach to organize each team's on-the-field activities. Teams can also have a Manager who coordinates the scheduling of game dates/fields with other teams.

Travel Comp and Premier Soccer Programs
All Comp and Premier Teams (10U-18U) are budgeted for a Paid Head Coach but need a volunteer Parent Assistant Coach(PAC) and a Manager to function properly. The Parent Assistant Coach is responsible to assist the head coach with day to day soccer coaching responsibilities. In the coaches absence the PAC will assume all head coaching responsibilities. In doing so, the head coach will provide the PAC with the training and or game lesson plans and lineup instructions. The Manager is responsible for among other items: weekly scheduling confirmations and changes, sending out team communications, is responsible for player passes and roster for all games, corner flag setup and removal.

If I am volunteering should I pay for my Player registration?
- If based on the table below you ARE NOT due a Player Fee Rebate then you must pay at the time of registration
- If based on the table below you are eligible (if chosen) for a Player Fee Rebate AND you would like to request one, you should NOT pay the amount due at the time of registration. After registering, IMMEDIATELY contact SCOG President AND [email protected] and notify them of this request so your name can be added to the list of people who have requested a rebate. It is important that you email us with your request prior to the start of the season! When the Club has finalized their list of volunteers for the season, the Club will see which of these volunteers requested a rebate, deduct the appropriate rebate from the applicable players registrations, and let those volunteers know that the adjustment has been made.

Player Fee Rebate Schedule
GroupMember Position HeldPlayer Fee RebateFrequencyNote
BoardVolunteer Member$200.00Per Season1,2,6
Comp/PremierParent Assistant Coach$200.00Per Season1,2,6
Comp/PremierManager$200.00Per Season1,2,6
Travel RecCoach$125.00Per Season1,2,4,6
Travel RecParent Assistant Coach$125.00Per Season1,2,4,6
Travel RecManager$125.00Per Season1,2,4,6
In-House RecCommissioner$90.00Per Season1,2,5,6
1) In the situation where an individual plays multiple roles only one discount, the higher, will be given.
2) The discount provided shall not exceed the Player Fee. The club will not pay the member cash.
3) Comp/Premier Coach does not get Player Fee Rebate as they are paid for their time. For PAC and Manager, only up to two player fee rebates (or the equivalent) will be provided.
4) Travel Rec player fee rebate will be given to up to 3 members (or the equivalent) for an all volunteer staff or up to 2 members (or the equivalent) for a paid coached team.
5) In-House Rec player fee rebate will be given to only Commissioner members.
6) Player Fee Rebates will not be provided retroactively for prior seasons.


The Soccer Club of Guilford
PO Box 21 
Guilford, Connecticut 06437

Email: [email protected]

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